The perfect team

A product as good as Dynacoat deserves the best distributors. That’s why Dynacoat has teamed up with Advance Auto Parts and Carquest to bring its professional and proven value products to North America. Dynacoat will be distributed exclusively through Advance Auto Parts and Carquest stores, one of the nation’s leading automotive aftermarket parts and paint providers.

Easy access

Reliable and efficient distribution is assured by the Advance Auto Parts and Carquest organization, which has an excellent reputation for customer service. At present, more than 600 of its outlets sell professional paints, coatings and other body repair products. The full Dynacoat portfolio will be available from select locations beginning fall, 2019.

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Confident repairs

Working together as powerful partners, Dynacoat and its distributors help customers every step of the way to achieve optimum repairs and energize their business. With such a strong backing, users will be able to switch to Dynacoat with confidence.

Advance Auto Parts and Carquest

Advance Auto Parts and Carquest represent a vast experience in sales and customer service in the professional and retail automotive aftermarket with a combined total of 134 years of customer service excellence. They serve the needs of multiple segments of the automotive aftermarket including; professional repair shops, independent body shops, collision centers, fleet operators, agricultural business owners and certain industrial applications as well as individual DIY customers.

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