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Color at its best

Precise color matching is crucial for customer satisfaction and avoidance of corrections. The Dynacoat brand benefits from AkzoNobel’s leading position, advanced technology and latest digital color tools. These tools allow you to reproduce the correct color quickly and efficiently. AkzoNobel color tools help you increase profits by cutting the total repair cycle time and reducing labor costs at every stage of the repair.




MIXIT™, AkzoNobel's advanced color identification and retrieval application, represents a turning point for the industry. Through MIXIT™, users have direct, immediate access to our vast database, which hosts more than two million colors and variants – with more being added every day. MIXIT™ uses a cloud-based system, and can be easily accessed from any device or platform.

To start using MIXIT™ contact your Dynacoat representative today.



Automatchic™, first launched in 1993, and is AkzoNobel’s pioneering hand-held spectrophotometer. In its current form, in combination with our extensive database, it is the most accurate color-matching system available. Its high degree of accuracy dramatically reduces the likelihood of matching errors and eliminates the need to carry out reworks.


Color Pro

ColorPro is an advanced color retrieval system specifically developed for jobber stores and bodyshops. As well as the right color, it gives you a number of tools to make your daily routine much easier and more efficient. With ColorPro, you get the most accurate formulas and information every time. New colors are added as they come out from the car makers. They are updated monthly by internet and via CD twice a year.

ColorPro updates are now available online! Once you have the program installed and are connected to the web, ColorPro automatically searches for any new color formulas to update your system. As soon as you’ve downloaded the colors, your ColorPro is up to date!