Dynacoat Primer Sealer

Dynacoat Primer Sealer

Dynacoat Primer Sealer provides high build, with exceptional leveling, coverage and hold out, for a first-rate topcoat appearance.

Product features

  • Utilizes universal hardeners for easy mixing.
  • Basecoat can be applied after 20-minute flash time.
  • Grey shade for color optimization.
  • Wet on wet, non-sanding urethane sealer.


Dynacoat Primer Sealer 0.9 L - Item#568108
Dynacoat Hardener Fast 0.225 L - Item#  568087
Dynacoat Hardener Fast 1 L - Item# 568109
Dynacoat Hardener Medium 0.225 L - Item# 568106
Dynacoat Hardener Medium 1 L - Item#568163‚Äč
Dynacoat Slow Hardener 1 L - Item# 568086