Dynashade LV Primer/Sealer Black

Dynashade LV Primer/Sealer is a low-VOC surfacer and sealer offering total flexibility, quick dry time and great coverage. It is approved for use in all North America markets.

Product Features

  • Creates any grey shade needed for the job
  • Two mix ratios for use as a high-build sanding surfacer, or wet-on-wet primer sealer
  • Easy sanding and blending
  • 2.1 lbs/gal VOC ready to spray


Dynashade LV Primer/Sealer Black 1 GL - Item #584595
Dynashade LV Hardener 1 QT - Item #584566
Dynashade LV Fast Activator 1 QT - Item #584596
Dynashade LV Slow Activator 1 QT - Item #584597